Triad Infrared

For All Your Infrared Inspection And Thermal Imaging Needs


Infrared thermography or thermal imagery (photography) is a relatively new technology with almost unlimited applications. These include but are not limited to:



  •      Energy surveys   We conduct surveys in both residential and commercial construction.  Infrared cameras are utilized with or without blower doors to find areas of missing and/or misplaced insulation and other areas of energy loss.


  •      Inspecting concrete block walls   We check for structural integrity and/or proper insulation. In new construction this allows building designers to verify specifications are met and eliminates the need to over specify due to unknown variables and allows building owners to achieve the results they are paying for.


  •     Finding moisture (leaks) in flat roofs   Allows surgical repair vs. complete replacement. May be on roof or aerial.


  •      Finding moisture penetration in residential and commercial construction.


  •      Electrical Surveys   To detect loose or deteriorated connections, faulty equipment and overloaded circuits.


  •      Equine (horses)   To locate soft tissue injury and for proper saddle fit.


  •      Mechanical Inspections   For predictive/preventive maintenance on motors, bearings, etc.






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