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Commercial Scans

Quality infrared inspections performed on a regular basis combined with timely repairs can reduce down time, improve profits and safety. Commercial Infrared imaging is a key tool in any predictive maintenance program. We conduct Mechanical Infrared, Electrical Infrared, CMU wall inspection with BlockwallScanIR, Flat roof inspections with Thermal Infrared Energy Surveys and work with many other Infrared applications.
  • Heat is usually the first sign of failure, thermal imaging detects these failures in their early stages allowing you the opportunity to take preemptive corrective action
  • CMU walls can have grout inspected without damaging the wall or slowing the construction process
  • Serve as a quality insurance tool for new installations or repairs
  • Infrared is an effective Predictive Maintenance tool
  • No down time for equipment, inspect while in operation and under load.
  • Reduce equipment damage and spare parts inventory
  • Save energy
  • Improve safety and reliability
  • Save on insurance premiums
Thermal infrared cameras can see overheating motors and bearings, hot or overload electrical connections and breakers, blocked or leaking heating/cooling pipes, water/steam leaks, tank levels, reinforcement in CMU walls, flat roof leaks and missing insulation.

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