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Do you have high energy bills or drafty locations in your home?
EnergyScanIR is a network of trained infrared thermographers with a simple goal to help homeowners save energy. The service we offer will help you reduce energy consumption, leading to savings on energy costs. EnergyScanIR's trained affiliates will evaluate your home from top to bottom and present you with a graphic detailed report identifying the locations of your heat losses.
Get the answers you need to take corrective action from our team of certified thermographers
Infrared Thermography is a proven diagnostic technique recommended by the US Department of Energy for identifying areas of heat loss. Considering your heating and cooling load can be up to 50% of your actual energy bill, a thermal scan of your home can identify where those wasted dollars are going-no matter what type of heating or cooling system you have. An EnergyScanI Survey of your home is just plain smart and you can play your part in the Green Movement. Your reduced utility consumption will reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.
Want an enhanced survey?
Our enhanced survey is a more detailed analysis of your home with the inclusion of a Blower Door Fan Test on your home. A Blower door is used in conjunction with an infrared camera to help further identify your leaky areas and help you to not only see your insulation deficiencies but as well as the smallest of air leaks.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 10% by simply reducing the air leaks in your home. Our trained affiliates can offer this additional service for only 30% more.

Infrared image showing missing fiberglass insulation
Infrared imaging showing bad weatherstripping
Air leakage at an outlet during blower door test
Air leakage at a ceiling light during blower door test
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